Atlas of Pediatric Surgery is a compilation of clinical images of pediatric surgical diseases gathered by the author through his 40 years of experience as a teaching Pediatric Surgeon. It features over 3,000 explicit clinical photographs that encompass nearly the entire spectrum of important pediatric surgical conditions from the common to the rare ones.

The website is designed to be a comprehensive educational resource material of clinical photographs for the benefit of medical professionals. It is aimed to help medical students, trainees in pediatrics and pediatric surgery, nurses, general surgeons and general practitioners. Viewing these images would help them to diagnose various surgical disorders in newborns, infants, children and adolescents.

The pictorial information provided here is not intended to substitute informed medical reading. One should use this information as an additional visual tool to diagnose a disease and enhance his/her knowledge. The viewer must always consult a standard Text Book of Pediatric Surgery to learn theoretical details about the particular disease, its clinical features, and the current surgical management.

The author firmly believes that sharing with others, what you have learnt in life, is the best method of contribution to one's profession. Hence, the purpose of this website is purely educational and not to sell a product or a service.

Since it is a medical site containing educational material, the photographs as well as the videos contained within it may not be appropriate for lay persons and to viewers who are not connected with medical field. It is particularly probable that some of the images may be disturbing or may look offensive to unconcerned personnel. This is material like what you would find in medical books in any library. Viewer is advised to use the same discretion and judgment as he would for a book. By entering the site you acknowledge that you are in agreement with this statement and agree to view the contents.