"A   picture   is   worth   a   thousand   words"

–   Chinese proverb

Pediatric Surgery is an age-specific discipline encompassing the surgical diseases of children from conception to the adolescent age. It is not an organ-based or system-based discipline; therefore it includes a wide spectrum of surgical disorders involving every system, organ, or tissue in practically any and every part of the body. Hence the field of pediatric surgery is very vast and the scope of a pediatric surgeon is immense.

The clinical diagnosis of several surgical disorders in children is quite obvious to a clinician as the lesion is visible on the patient and a mere look at the characteristic appearance is diagnostic. However, when a patient presents with some uncommon or rare clinical features, then the physician has to search the literature for a similar condition to arrive at a diagnosis.

Several excellent standard textbooks in Pediatric Surgery are available. However, most of them contain limited number of images due to constraint of space. Internet is also loaded with exhaustive material, but a student seeking knowledge through pictorial images is faced with a grueling search of various websites and atlases. No single website provides comprehensive and systematic pictorial information about all the pediatric surgical disorders. The present Atlas aims to fulfill this particular need of the avid student.

From a large collection of clinical photographs, many important and relevant pictures are selected by the author for this website. The atlas consists of more than 3000 images which are arranged in separate folders and sub-folders. The folders are arranged systematically according to the disease. Each image contains brief description of the condition enabling its easy identification. The text has deliberately been kept bare minimum. Since a surgical condition may have several clinical appearances as well as several ways of presentation, the author has taken the liberty of providing multiple images of the same disease. These images are selected as per the age of the patient, the time of presentation, the situation of the lesion, and the stage of the disease. The website is not just an atlas of general pediatric surgery, but also includes sections on all pediatric surgical sub-specialities.

Most of the pictures are full-color images of the patients treated by the author; however some photographs taken in earlier years are in black and white. Some video clips of rare surgical disorders are included. Wherever possible, relevant radiographs, ultrasound pictures and CT scan images pertaining to the clinical condition are also inserted.

The viewers are advised to use this information as an additional visual tool to diagnose a disease and enhance their knowledge. These images would be complementary to the detailed text available in the literature.

It is hoped that the atlas would serve the need of undergraduate students, residents, nurses and practitioners. It will also help surgeons who do pediatric surgery. The site will be useful to Obstetricians and specialists in Fetal Medicine in counseling the parents of the babies affected with some congenital malformation. It would help them to educate prospective parents who would be able to visualize and understand the postnatal implications of the condition detected in the fetus on antenatal screening. In addition it may serve as a useful resource material for conducting a pictorial quiz for nurses and medical students.

The author is a firm believer in free access to learning; hence this website is designed for educational purpose only. There is no intention of making any profit from this endeavour. It would be most gratifying for the author to see the keen medical personnel benefitting from this website. Any comments from the viewers concerning errors and omissions will be helpful. Constructive suggestions for future improvement will be appreciated and duly acknowledged.

I am extremely grateful to my revered teacher Prof. K. K. Kaul, Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, N.S.C.B. Medical College, Jabalpur for his valuable advice and guidance in preparation of this website. I thank Dr. Sudheer Gokhale for his help in reviewing radiological images.

I wish to thank Himanshu and Nidhi Shrivastava who diligently worked on the vast collection of images and helped me to resize, modify and arrange them in a presentable way.

I am happy to acknowledge the hard work and untiring efforts of Saurabh Gupta, Mohit Singh and Neeraj Yadav who created and designed this website. This work would not have been possible without their skills and noteworthy competence in this field.

Above all, no words are enough to pay my gratitude to Premlata, my dear wife, who has always stood firmly with me over the past 45 years of our blissful married life. I am indeed grateful to her for her motivation, affectionate encouragement, constructive advice, and unstinted support during my long period of preoccupation with this project.